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Alpha Wann
Hip-Hop · France
Sunday June 9th · 22:30 · Poudrière

Unlike some of his old partners from 1995 and L’Entourage, two iconic French rap crews, Alpha Wann took his time to construct his musical universe. He worked on his first EP with his friend Nekfeu, his second with the producer Kyo Itachi, right before Alph Lauren, a trilogy containing 24 tracks released over the course of four years and released on his own label Don Dada. UMLA (French acronym for One hand washes the other), his debut LP, proves that the Paris MC meets the high expectations that were set for him. Brilliant technique, strong punchlines and modern productions put together by VM The Don, Seezy or his long-time collaborator Hologram Lo’, his diversity and consistency will never cease to amaze. A prodigy to keep an eye on.

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