© Florence Amanou
Byin Mayé
Marching band · Reunion Island
Sunday June 9th · 23:30 · Ti Bird

Founded in 2001, Byin Mayé is a funk marching band gathering brass, percussions, a festive spirit and good vibes. The ensemble uses a wide range of instruments like tenor, alto, baritone and soprano saxophones, traditional percussions from Reunion (roulèr, pikèr, kayamb), darbuka, but also trombones, trumpets, basses, clarinets, flutes or sousaphone. The members of Byin Mayé, affectionately nicknamed Mayons, play ska, Salem afrobeat or Yiddish themes with equal enthusiasm, even including some covers (Jimi Hendrix, Alain Peters). The leading marching band in Reunion !

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