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Byin Mayé
Brass band · Reunion Island
Sunday · 10:00PM · Ti Bird VIP Live

Founded in 2001 by Vinko, previously in Tarace Boulba, brass funk outfit founded by two former Négresses Vertes musicians, Byin Mayé is a horn and percussion band whose major motivations are a great party atmosphere and the spirit of sharing. Tenor, alto, baritone and soprano saxaphones, along with roulèr, pikèr, kayamb (traditional Reunion instruments), derbouka and also trombones, trumpets, bass, clarinets, flutes and the sousaphone are enthusiastically played by Les Mayons, the band members’ nickname. Ska, saleg, afrobeat, maloya and gypsy music combining harmoniously with covers from artists such as Hendrix and Carrousel make up their very diverse repertoire. One of the the best brass band in Reunion.

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