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Clément Bazin
Electronic · France
Sunday · 7:30PM · Poudrière

Clément Bazin rethinks electronic music and integrates the instrument that is closest to his heart, the steel drum from Trinidad and Tobago, with which he fell in love at the age of ten. Clément builds bridges between his favourite styles of music: calypso, soca, hip-hop or UK post-dubstep from the 2000’s. After releasing his first two EPs Inner Voices and Night Things proving his talents as a producer, he released Return To Forever, his debut album on Nowadays Records (Fakear, La Fine Equipe etc…), mixing the steel drum with dancing house music. One can picture a euphoric dance floor where the smiles are tinted with a nostalgic melancholy. His blend of tropical textures and subtle soul excursions, built around the steel drum are going to take you just where you want to go at Sakifo.

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