© V. Ducard
Eddy De Pretto
Chanson · France
Sunday · 6:30PM · Salahin

With his look of an British student, Eddy De Pretto has turned the classic character of French ‘chanson’ upside down with his first album, the unique and reckless Cure. Confining his aesthetic to singing would be somewhat reductive, so far does this artist from Creteil, France, defy definition with this chameleon-like album, in which his fascination for Claude Nougaro and Frank Ocean is evident. Borrowing beats and samples from contemporary rap, De Pretto fascinates the audience with his tendency to write raw, impactful lyrics, that can be read on many levels. Winner of the Inouïs de Bourges last year, Eddy De Pretto will be presenting his songs accompanied by a drummer.

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