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Za Ngoma · Comoros
Sunday June 9th · 22:30 · Filaos

Eliasse is endowed with a solid musical knowledge, built up during his years with his first band Universal Folk (founded with his friend Palesh, that later became a trio with the arrival of Mounawar) and alongside Maalesh, one of Comoros’ iconic artists. Having played with names such as Mikidache or Nawal as a percussionist and chorister, he has decided to make his own way for nearly ten years. Some rock, a little bit of blues and a a touch of folk is what describes ‘’Za ngoma’’, a style that grew in popularity thanks to Baco, another artist that Eliasse worked quite a bit with. Eliasse describes the hardships of life in his motherland, sometimes gently and sometimes fiercely, all through his groovy compositions.

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