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Elida Almeida
World music · Cape Verde
Saturday · 6:00PM · Filaos

Born on the island of Santiago, Elida developed her voice with the church choir, and her musical culture by presenting a radio show in her hometown, Maio. Elida moved to the city to focus on writing her songs of love and contestation. Her refreshing sound brought her instant success. In 2015 Elida won the RFI Best New Artist Award as well as releasing her first hit, Ora Doci Ora Margos (Sweet Times, Bitter Times) followed by Djunta Kudjer (Let’s Put Our Spoons Together), meaning Let’s Unite in Creole. Swahelian music with touches of pop are her main influences and her track Di Mi Ku Di Bo (The Two of Us) was recorded in Havana in 2016. For Bersu d’Oru (Golden Cradle), Elida chose a rare beat from the archipelago called Tabanka. After playing several gigs in Santiago she became a symbol of the fight for independence while confirming her African identity.

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