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Risofé : Ti Fock
Maloya and more · Reunion Island
Sunday June 9th · 08:00 · Terre Sainte

An iconic figure of Reunionese music in the 80s and 90s with several records that are now recognized as classics (Mafate, Aniel, Donn Doulèr). Ti fock had made a first return with a project called Gayar natir, on which he worked with the brilliant electronic music producer Otisto 23 (longtime collaborator of jazz pianist Laurent De Wilde). He’s permanently willing to take his maloya to new heights, constantly taking his work to another level and evolving with newer methods while still keeping his originality. Ti Fock will be dipping into his huge repertoire, spanning a 35-year career during Risofé (traditional Creole brunch). If you want to start out your Sunday right, then don’t miss out on this show at Terre Sainte !

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