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Vince Ker Faya
Reggae/Ragga/Dub · Reunion Island
Saturday June 8th · Ti Bird / VIP Deck
Ti Bird : 16:00 > 17:00
VIP Deck : 22:30 > 23:30 + 01:00 > 03:00

In the pure tradition of Jamaican sound systems, the Ker Faya Sound System has been active since 2002, transmitting its passion for a certain form of reggae: roots, conscious, passionate and festive. Vince (Vincent Grondin) fell for reggae a few years earlier, while he was a student in Bordeaux and lived right next to a vinyl store. The Ker Faya spirit: a very dancefloor vibe, selections drawn from the rarities of the 60s as well as from the latest releases, all spiced up with Creole lyrics. Now settled in Brittany, Vince travels with his microphone and his roots, ragga or dub riddims, performing in festivals and clubs with the same communicative energy that delights audiences everywhere.

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