© Laurence Vallet
Zarlor Nout Péi (Risofé)
Séga / Maloya · Reunion Island
Sunday · 8:00AM · Terre Sainte

A meeting on the mount between the founder of Baster, the historic lyrics of Ousanousava and the unique voice of Ti Sours, three of the most emblematic groups in the Reunion music scene over the last thirty years. Three musicians who have never ceased, each in their own way, to write poetic and militant Creole texts, thanks to their many albums and tours of undiminished success. The ideal occasion to dive back into the unforgettable culture of improvised kabars (private cultural gigs). Surrounded by some of the best Reunion musicians, the three friends are sure to play a two-hour set which promises to be an intense and rare musical moment.

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