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Friday 07 June • 21:00
• Ti Bird on the beach Stage
Scène Ti Bird on the beach


Reunion Island
Maloya Electro, MBAS

Off the beaten path, Aleksand Saya bridges the gap between tradition and modernity by creolizing electronic music. From this fusion emerges M’Bas, a volcanic music where Creole chants, thick basslines, and traditional percussion from Reunion Island blend together.
Imbued with the spirit and energy of maloya, his lyrics, in Creole, draw inspiration from everyday life in Reunion, inviting to celebrate humanity and Mother Earth. For Aleksand Saya, mixing and creolization are the hope for a future, both for music and for people.
On stage, surrounded by machines and percussion, in the spirit of ‘kabar atér’ where improvisation plays an important role, everyone is invited to participate, making each performance a moment rich in sharing.