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Saturday 08 June • 19:00
• Ti Bird on the beach Stage
Scène Ti Bird on the beach


Etats-Unis / India (Punjab)

ALO WALA represents the sound of a new world and a new way of thinking about each other as belonging to an interconnected global society. Since its inception in 2014, ALO WALA has carved out a path with its militant yet always joyful and danceable music, creating a signature sound of its own.

Having lived on four continents, ALO WALA brings a distinctive perspective to her music. Over the past few years, this Punjabi-American singer and MC has released two EPs, which have garnered her some recognition and festival appearances.

Her hypnotic live performance has clearly captured the hearts and ears of audiences worldwide.

ALO WALA, born Shivani Ahlowalia, has quickly emerged as one of the most exciting names in the global club scene. ALO WALA, which means “the seller of light” in a mix of Hindi/Bengali, creates a hybrid sound that combines supernatural rap flow with booming bass and sonic influences from all corners of the world.