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Sunday 09 June • 09:00
• Risofé Stage
Scène Risofé


Reunion Island

The BASTER group was born in the neighborhood of Basse-Terre les Bas, a popular district of the city of Saint-Pierre on the island of Réunion in 1983. A popular group appreciated by a wide audience, they are responsible for many songs that still remain in memory today: La Montane, Inn Ti Manzel, Gawé, Servis Kabaré, Mon Liberté, Lèr lamour, Gayar lé la, Marmay lontan…

A figure and a sure value of Réunionese music, the BASTER group leads us into a philosophical meditation on Réunionese culture through space and time. The group celebrated its 40th anniversary on stage in 2023, an opportunity for the musicians to revisit its great classics always with a lot of enthusiasm and above all with hard work, courage, commitment, and popular rejoicing by sharing its inspired and innovative rhythms and proudly walking the paths of recognition.