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Saturday 08 June • 20:00
• Salle Verte Stage
Scène Salle Verte


Reunion Island
Electro Trad

A polymorphic artist and hard worker, he showcases his talent in all disciplines. As a songwriter and performer, he celebrates and reinterprets the Malagasy language, creating a warm ambiance that inspires joy and dance.

Oral literature is the musical tradition of his country, Madagascar. Speaking in song or singing in speech, he is a “musical journalist,” drawing inspiration from his personal history, dreams, and passions, accompanied by rhythmic beats. Raised on hip-hop, he has been rapping since his adolescence.

Chanting, rhyming, or singing over more modern rhythms, he is a witness of his time. His debut EP “Taloha” is a musical fusion where tradition, represented by the art of Malagasy eloquence, meets modernity: contemporary electro rhythms teeming with diverse sounds (hand claps) and guitar riffs with undeniable rock accents.

Based in Reunion Island since 2016, he naturally merges the styles of the two islands (Reunion and Madagascar), which are very close in terms of rhythms and instruments.