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Saturday 08 June • 22:00
• Poudrière Stage
Scène Poudrière


Reunion Island

Danyèl Waro has remained faithful to the acoustic tradition of maloya, the blues of Réunion Island, and he is its recognized “hero”. A musician and poet, he knows how to make the Creole language sing with unparalleled emotion: “For me, maloya is first and foremost about the word,” he specifies.
He has managed to allow maloya to rediscover its original meaning and convey a message of revolt, hope, and courage by raising awareness of the importance of Réunion Island’s cultural heritage.
Tinn Tout, his latest and eighth studio recording released in early 2020, invites to take a step back and reflect: “We need to make a decision, wake up for good.” This album returns to the essence of the powerful and committed maloya of this unique artist, who sublimates his formidable melodic talent with a radiant and poignant voice.