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Sunday 09 June • 22:30
• Ti Bird on the beach Stage
Scène Ti Bird on the beach


Reunion Island
Urban music

Victoire Sébastien, also known as DJ SEBB, has been the most prolific producer (composer/author) in Réunion for over 7 years, starting his career as a composer and DJ for Kaf Malbar, the biggest selling artist on the island at the time. After honing his skills and producing numerous dancehall tracks for local artists as well as those from Mauritius and the Comoros, DJ SEBB gradually emancipated himself from his mentor to join forces with the Mafia Endemik label.

DJ SEBB then became a talent incubator, discovering young singers on the island for whom he wrote many songs that would become hits not only locally but also abroad. Today, DJ Sebb makes the whole tropical planet dance. With the successes of “Rah Sah,” “L’intéressant,” and “Nou Ariv,” DJ Sebb has become the number one artist in airplay on local radios.

DJ Sebb is the inventor of a musical style, Gommance, which draws its roots from traditional Réunion music, Dutch Eurodance, and Jamaican Dancehall.