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Friday 07 June • 18:00
• Filaos Stage
Scène Filaos


Reunion Island
Afro World Maloya

“Dogo Fara” means “Little Rock” in Bambara, one of the languages spoken in West Africa by the Mandingo people.

It’s a joyful and original blend of Réunion, African, and Western instruments and rhythms.

The discovery of the Balafon during their musical training was a revelation for Anas and Loran, but it was the encounters with Aly Keïta and Sory Diabaté that catalyzed the desire to share their music with the public. From then on, they had only one idea in mind: to work with the instrument and blend it with Réunion music and Western instruments to create the music of DOGO FARA!

But what is DOGO FARA? Take two Balafons and an African Doum, add a Roulèr, a Sati, and a Kayamb from Maloya, mix them with a Bass, a Drum, and a Saxophone, and you get a highly explosive and fiercely festive blend, a true journey around the world! That’s DOGO FARA.