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Sunday 09 June • 21:30
• Filaos Stage
Scène Filaos


Reunion Island
Maloya Fusion

Passionate about the music, culture, and language of her country, Emma Nona, a Reunionese artist, interprets her songs that narrate her roots in a style called “Maloya Fusion.”
As an author and composer, she draws inspiration from Reunionese artists like Alain Peters, Zan-Mari Baré, Danyèl Waro, or René Lacaille. On social media, she performs iconic pieces from these artists, accompanied by her favorite instrument: the kass-kass, brought from Senegal by her father, Eno Zangoun.
Today, she dedicates her life entirely to her passion, seeking to connect Reunion to the rest of the world with her soothing, warm, clear voice and through her intense poetic writing.
Her songs are condensed confessions that she launches fearlessly.
Her strong and direct lyrics convey her doubts, feelings, and moods.
Her pieces breathe freshness; this young artist on the rise invites everyone to preserve their Reunionese identity, a world made of sounds, scents, colors, and cultural fusion.
With her kass-kass and her crystalline voice, she delivers her words on a cloud to captivate you.