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Sunday 09 June • 17:00
• Filaos Stage
Scène Filaos


Reunion Island
Maloya Jazz

Maloya Jazz Xperianz is a music of blending, mirroring its initiator Emy Potonié, a composer, saxophonist-flutist, and performer. The group consists of Noé Latchimy on piano, Rodolphe Celeste on guitar, David How Heng Sin on bass, and Kristof Chrétien on drums. While most of the compositions are initially created by Emy, each member brings their own musical color, sensitivity, dynamism, and jazz to it! It’s a music that takes us on a journey through both tradition and modernity, while revealing the temperament of each individual through the notes.
Imagine the encounter between a volcano and an ocean, the opposition, confrontation, but also collaboration of these two elements, and let yourself be tempted by this musical journey subtly blending all these origins!