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Sunday 09 June • 21:15
• Salle Verte Stage
Scène Salle Verte



Originally from Madagascar, Eusébia has been gracing the stage since the age of 11, initially as part of her father’s group, Jaojoby, before embarking on a solo career a decade ago. Her music is rooted in the enchanting rhythm of northern Madagascar, the ‘Salegy’.
Eusébia adeptly blends tradition and modernity, offering a unique musical experience that resonates with a wide audience.
Moreover, she embodies the power and creativity of female artists. Her message resonates as a call for the emancipation and recognition of female talent in the music industry.
Eusébia surrounds herself with exceptionally talented musicians, spreading contagious joy with each performance. What sets Eusébia apart is her ability to captivate the audience with her charismatic presence on stage. Her enchanting choreography and dances to sunny Afro rhythms create an atmosphere of celebration and joy that leaves no one indifferent. Her musical repertoire is an ode to Madagascar and addresses themes such as solidarity, environmental protection, festive moments, love, and nostalgia.