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Sunday 09 June • 18:00
• Fnac Korner Stage
Scène Fnac Korner


Reunion Island
Maloya Blues

It’s been 35 years since he took his first steps in the music scene. In addition to innate talent, he has enriched himself with training at the Center for Musical Information in Paris as well as multiple musical experiences.
Initially as a saxophonist and backing vocalist, he joined groups such as Baster and played alongside artists like Ti Fock before embarking on a solo career.
As a solo artist, he chose the guitar to accompany him on stage.
Over the years, Fabrice Legros has created his own style: a mixed music, tinged with maloya, blues, with a guitar playing unique to himself.
The artist is meticulous and this is reflected in his creations. His lyrics evoke life’s trials, the passage of time, love, but also the loss of a loved one, notably with the song “Nénin,” which will give its name to his first album.