© Sarah Makharine
Saturday 08 June • 00:00
• Poudrière Stage
Scène Poudrière


Rock / House / Techno Punk

A good craftsman spends his time honing his art. He refines his technique, year after year. The artist, on the other hand, must also emotionally invest – and it’s sometimes dizzying. It takes courage to give birth to one’s flaws and wanderings. Especially when one has experienced the exhilaration of a rapid ascent, a sold-out Olympia without having released a debut album (which later became gold), tours all over the world in front of thousands of people, like at the Glastonbury festival in England, the Electric Forest in Michigan.

Today, Fakear is first and foremost Théo: with his emotions and his acknowledged struggles, such as that of ecology, by joining “Music Declares Emergency” two years ago, participating in climate marches. Fakear returns to his roots, back to his home base, Nowadays, without necessarily looking at the past with nostalgia or disgust; rather, contemplating it with kindness, a pat on the shoulder: “I found myself,” he admits.