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Friday 07 June • 19:00
• Ti Bird on the beach Stage
Scène Ti Bird on the beach


Reunion Island
Creole groove

Kinibé is the meeting point of three artists and three universes: Kaloune, Sibu Manaï, and Brice Nauroy.
Together, the three artists revisit the notion of tradition and heritage.
Réunion is an island of plural identities, a very young island at only two million years old. Thus, it’s difficult to speak of tradition given that the island’s modern history and settlement date back only about 400 years.
Kinibé, as its name suggests, is a musical syncretism and carries within its essence the seed of a new musical movement, reexamining questions of cultural heritage and tradition.
It’s a concert-laboratory where Sibu, Brice, and Kaloune lay bare their respective journeys and offer a path of musical elevation in the face of barriers that hinder peoples, men, and women from advancing.
Together, they create a new memory and enrich Réunion’s and the world’s mythology through the myth of Kinibé evoked in the songs of the servis kabaré.