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Saturday 08 June • 00:00
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Thursday 06 June • 19:30
Scène FilaosSalle Verte


Reunion Island

For twenty years, the LiNDiGo group, led by Olivier Araste, has been the most popular Maloya group in Reunion Island. However, their approach does not confine itself to nostalgia or the confines of sterile memory. The foundations serve as momentum, and the roots build the future: this is “Maloya Power.” They already have more than 1500 concerts and seven albums to their credit and numerous Reunionese and international hits (Domoun, Ahinama).
On stage, their jubilant trance, as identity-affirming as it is open to many horizons, infects all audiences. In concert, the eight members of the group combine a repertoire of acoustic Maloya with tracks infused with Afrobeat, Mandingo, or Afro-Cuban music.