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Saturday 08 June • 22:00
• Salle Verte Stage
Scène Salle Verte


Reunion Island
Maloya / Jazz

The project “Mélodi Fanm” was born at La Salle Le Kerveguen in March 2024, benefiting from a dedicated creative residency specifically celebrating International Women’s Day.
This project showcases a local musical spectacle, illustrating diversity and cultural richness through their performances.
At the heart of this initiative, Gwendoline Absalon stands out for her innovative approach to music, skillfully weaving the threads of Reunion Island tradition with nuances inspired by India, Africa, Madagascar, Cape Verde, and enriched by the finesse of modern jazz. She is joined by Emilie Maillot, whose multi-instrumental talent and captivating voice bring a solar energy and enchanting touch to the ensemble.
Completing this trio, Flora Pasquet brings her unique expertise, gracefully blending the sounds of Reunion Island and pop, sprinkled with jazz and Mexican flair, to create a harmony that transcends musical borders.