© Iris Mardémoutou
Friday 07 June • 21:00
• Fnac Korner Stage
Scène Fnac Korner


Reunion Island

Solah is a duo filled with dreams and femininity.
The two sisters, Dédette Saint-Pierre and Patricia Philippe, came together after their respective careers at a moment when their voices and visions harmoniously merged.
On stage, Solah translates life scenes in a light yet captivating manner through inspired creations.
The Philippe sisters, authors, composers, and performers, blend vocal performances through their artistic experiences. They take you into a refined universe enriched with acoustic, electric, and poetic sounds stemming from their musical influences (Réunion, India, Africa, Madagascar…)
With Solah, women find their rightful place in Maloya culture. An identity that in Réunion is all too often reserved for men.