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Friday 07 June • 23:30
• Ti Bird on the beach Stage
Scène Ti Bird on the beach



Regarded by many as one of the most promising and versatile electronic producers from South Africa, Thakzin counts among his peers eminent figures such as Shimza, Themba, or Black Coffee. His universal sound, which transcends innovative South African genres by merging them with the roots of a broader African culture as well as with urban and electronic influences from around the world, is acclaimed.

Coming from a family of South African and Mozambican musicians, Thakzin is a contemplative observer of life who discovered DJing in his youth and immersed himself in the culture to become the versatile and inspiring DJ he is today. In 2010, he started learning music production, thus embarking on a long journey of experimentation and developing the musicality and versatility of his signature sound.

Inspired by traditional Zulu healers, known as Sangomas (based on drum rituals to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually), Thakzin deeply believes in the healing power of music and in the virtues of spiritual elevation and positive energy through the universality of dance.