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Sunday 09 June • 22:15
• Fnac Korner Stage
Scène Fnac Korner


Reunion Island
Crossbred music

Author, composer, performer, and producer, Mathias Vienne is born and raised in Réunion, an island of cultural mixtures and improbable destinies.
Through decisive encounters and collaborations with reference artists (Francis Cabrel, Jean Fauque, Claude Lemesle), he releases three initial albums. From national stages to tours in the Indian Ocean region, TIAS captures the hearts of local media who consider him a ‘bridge-builder between the island’s culture and mainland cultures.’
From artistic interventions in hospitals to writing workshops in correctional facilities, from creations in schools to international tours in the network of Alliances Françaises, TIAS draws inspiration from all these encounters and delivers unique and blended music, symbolizing all these differences that make us better human beings.”