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Poetic pop · Mozambique
Sunday June 9th · 19:00 · Ti Bird

Last year at a house party in Maputo, Ailton José Matavela (Trkz) and Tiago Correia-Paulo (A Million Things) met by mere chance and had a short chat, culminating in the idea of (eventually) making music together. Thanks to the internet, they began exchanging ideas back and forth, until they had recorded a few sketches despite the distance between them. The next logical step was to schedule a concert to transform all of those ideas into something tangible and performance-friendly… After locking themselves up for two straight weeks at the CCFM auditorium in Maputo, a new band was formed. Continuadores is a musical project that expresses itself by paying a nostalgic audiovisual homage to the early formative years of Mozambique as a young and recently independent nation.

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