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Diatsika Maloya
Maloya · Reunion Island
Friday June 7th · 22:30 · Salle Verte

Hailing from the east side of the Island (Saint Benoit and Saint André), Diatsika Maloya was created from gatherings and ceremonies that were held to pay tribute to their ancestors. From 2007, the group started out playing around the neighbourhood festivities. It took six years for the 7 mates to decide to take things a step further and dedicate themselves full time towards their music. With more numerous shows and more prestigious stages Diatsika Maloya weren’t kidding around. The recording of their album Prièr gayar is what really took things to another level, one that obtained for them the nomination for local award Voix de l’océan Indien. The band also works with the youth by teaching youngsters the art of maloya music. Led by Johnny Boyer, the band has taken things to new heights and has clearly not planned on stopping there ! Come and praise the uprising of maloya music !

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